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Commodity Futures Trading Info Center is the premiere presence on the web offering free commodity futures trading information, as well as a wide variety of free services; including quotes on futures and options, charts, technical and fundamental information, breaking market news and more. 


If you do decide to open a commodity futures trading account and are relatively new to the futures and options markets, I think we can be a great asset to your education process - and a steadying influence during the "ups and downs" of trading.

The experienced trader will appreciate our professional and knowledgeable approach. 

As a certified Commodities Trading Advisor with years of experience in these markets, I realize that a simple but useful site is an extremely important resource. Hopefully, most of what you would find helpful will be right here at the CFTIC!  I strive to exceed expectations of both courtesy and professionalism. Hopefully, you will recognize the difference on your first call -- give it a try and see!

Lubomir M. Gueorguiev, Ph.D. (View Profile)

Commodity Trading Advisor
Tool Free:+1-866-IAG-LUBO 

Fax: +1-240-465-7088

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this site is for informational purposes only. Investment in futures involves a high degree of risk, your investment may fall as well as rise, you may lose all your original investment and you may also have to pay more on the original amount invested. Consult your broker or advisor prior to making any investment decisions. Past or simulated performance is not a guarantee for future performance. Historical references may not carry into the future as many additional factors influence futures prices.

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