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Metals Futures and Options




Gold Futures & Options Metals Complex

Silver Futures & Options

Gold's importance in world markets and responsiveness to world events make gold futures and options an important risk management tool, and exciting, potentially rewarding opportunity for investors who seek to profit by correctly anticipating price changes. The brochure provides contract specifications, option basis and hedging strategies.

The futures and options contracts on the six most important metals - gold, silver, aluminum, platinum, and palladium - offer cost-efficient trading and risk management opportunities. This booklet presents the fundamentals of each precious metal, hedging strategies and examples, trading spreads, and NYMEX/COMEX exchange information. 

Silver, pleasing to the eye and easy to work with, has attracted man's interest for thousands of years. Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, and as an appealing investment. The brochure provides contract specifications, option basis and hedging strategies.




Platinum Group Metals A Guide to Metals Hedging

Copper Futures & Options

Platinum and palladium are the most widely used of the six platinum group metals, which also includes rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, and iridium. They possess unique chemical and physical qualities that make them vital industrial materials. The brochure provides contract specifications, trading spreads basics and hedging strategies.

The booklet provides information on the basics of the metals futures and options contracts as a principal risk management instruments available to participants in the metals markets today. It also presents principals of precious metals hedging and price discovery, options basics and hedging with options strategies and examples. 

Copper is the world's third most widely used metal and its  fortunes directly reflect the state of the world economy.  The copper futures and options contracts are an important risk management tool. The booklet provides futures and options contract specifications, hedging types and strategies, options basics and exchange information.


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