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The Online Trading is appropriate for individuals who have the expertise to make his or her own trading decisions and who require the lowest possible commission; fast, quality executions; and impeccable service. With online order-entry system you transmit your orders via the Internet (electronically), directly to the Pit or to the Exchange floor in real time (in as little as 2.5 seconds).


This service is designed for the trader who is qualified to place his or her own orders and does not need the opinion or direction of a full service broker. The self-directed online service offers opportunity for you to leverage your independence to execute, receive automatic fills, monitor, and manage your account on your time. You will benefit from the speed of direct exchange access, quality executions, and timely confirmations at discounted commission rates.


You can trade online all U.S. and European futures and options contracts via the Internet.  Send your order DIRECTLY to the filling broker in the trading pit.  All traders can now electronically route their orders directly to hand-held devices located in the trading pit for the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Currency, T-Bond and Dow Jones markets, and directly to GLOBEX  for the E-Mini S&P 500 and E-Mini NASDAQ 100, to the DTB for the Dax, Bund, and Bobl, to the Soffex for the SMI, and the LIFFE for the FT-SE Index. 


Your orders are electronically routed directly to the filling broker in the trading pit without any interruption of any kind.  Transmission time for execution of your order is minimal.  This is the fastest way to execute orders and is an absolute must for professional and serious traders.



With an On-Line Trading Account all traders will have the following Key Benefits:


  Direct Floor Access-Submit trades directly to the pit in real time.

  Proprietary system bypasses TOPS.

  Easy-to-Use All-in-One order entry screen pad/platform.

  Institutional Quality Order Entry.

  Market-to-Market Dynamic Account Updates.

  Reduced Commissions - Up to 80% discounted commission rates.



Open an online trading account now and trade all U.S. futures and options via the Internet through an order entry system of your choice. You can trade your account from anywhere in the world right from your desktop while only several mouse clicks away from displaying all of your working and filled orders. Order execution and order management is at your fingertips.

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